Puppy food?

Good food. period. 

Beyond the weaning stage it is typically unnecessary to purchase food advertised specifically for puppies. It's marketing. Yes, some food is ground to a fine paste for weaning and small breeds but the chances are, however, if you are reading this that your puppy has already or will already have been weaned onto solid food.

Variety is key to a healthy gut and encourages a sensible attitude towards food over the lifetime of your dog. 

Choose instead early on to feed a range to your puppy rather than a single formula. This will tend to make feeding times less of a challenge long-term and will promote a healthier digestion. Feeding different recipes will provide a larger array of vitamins and minerals, not to mention a varied diet is more interesting. 

OUt in the woods

In the parks, fields, woods and street your puppy is going to be getting up to all sorts of mischief let's be honest. He or she is going to be sniffing only god knows what, eating worse and generally being exposed to different bacteria. This is normal and feeds into this idea mirroring that of human children; the resilience of an adapted immune system and digestion as a health indicator. 

Continual exposure to a large variety of environmental and social stimuli makes not just a well-adjusted puppy but a healthier one too.

It's worth mentioning the above to provide contextualization given our raw food is produced under strict guidelines and temperature controls which does not provide the conditions for bacterial proliferation. Raw dog food appears less outlandish in this context and is portrayed more accurately as a desire to feed quality, enjoyable and nourishing meals to our puppies. 

Getting started with raw

People regularly ask us which raw recipes to first feed their puppies. Our view is that the best place to start with your puppy on raw food is with a variety pack. Checking out is straight forward below using the fast-track buttons. Orders placed before 2 PM Monday - Thursday we will ship same day for delivery the next. 


Puppies eat more in relation to their body weight compared with adult dogs. You can use the calculator to estimate the feeding requirement and what size of pack it's recommended to initially order.  

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If you have a medium or large breed puppy this is more appropriate sized order to get you started. It's also available with 25% discount for first-time customers. Clicking the button will fast track you to the checkout. 



If you have a small breed puppy, who has been weaned onto solids, this sample pack will get you started with frozen raw diet. Clicking the button will fast track you to checkout with a 25% discount on the sample pack. 


Alternatively, browse our raw dog food sample pack selection online and as a first-time customer you can input the JACKWOLF25 code at checkout for 25% discount on one of the sample packs.