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Feed the real thing




High quality

Produced entirely from human grade ingredients resulting in products among the safest available in the UK. We strongly believe raw food that defrosts in your fridge should exceed human food standards.

Puppy friendly

If your puppy is weaned onto solid foods, it is suitable. We do not market separate 'puppy food.' Variety is best to provide a range of nutrients, interest and to help avoid a fussy diet developing.

Next day UK mainland delivery 

Simple nutrition

Feeding fresh ingredients and variety is both more interesting to dogs and beneficial. The most immediate change observed is their stools but many owners report improvements to coat, eyes, ears, and appetite.


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What is Jack Wolf ?

An excellent range of frozen food for dogs. Most customers feed the products raw and a smaller number cook the food. To feed raw, simply defrost in the fridge and serve. 


We have a limited number of stockists at the current time which can be found here. If you are interested in becoming a stockist or you would like to see Jack Wolf stocked in your local store, please get in touch.

Our Story

We did not always feed raw ourselves, like so many before in these changing times, it was a new experience for us. And slightly odd initially - unfamiliar and unusual. In the absence of much immediate information we were feeding the familiar wet and dry foods which are more heavily marketed. 

Running a pet store, Jack & Maggie's in Brighton brought us into contact with raw feeders - a somewhat odd bunch - and their choices of raw meats which we sold a limited range of in-store. Different people have varying and established views on feeding raw and it could divide opinion.

Owing to an accidental order, which involved some confusion between units and packs, we ended up with a rather large delivery one day. We attempted to distribute this hoard to some degree in the short term but invariably it was the little push that drove it home and caused us to experiment.

Improvements in Jack & Maggie's stools were immediately apparent; this both intrigued and fascinated us. An unanticipated interest in poo emerged. But from this rose many questions at the anecdotal level, namely questions as to why was there such an improvement? And this caused us to do further research. 

On doing further research we discovered a lot that made sense; that cooking and heating processes both altered the make up of the food and also changed the way it digested. Further, that dry foods in a compressed kibble format, hard and lacking in moisture, were not conducive to good digestion. 

Having learned about feeding fresh foods, witnessing improvements in Jack & Maggie, and fun doing it, we set about making our own. Mindful of the real concerns many people have for product safety and quality, we sought to learn everything we could in order to 

It's not unusual to have concerns about switching to a raw diet but rest assured, in our experience, these concerns are short lived. It quickly becomes second nature to defrost and feed. You treat the food in a similar way, if you do eat meat, to the meat which you eat yourself. There is little drama and you get a lot of pleasure out of the variety offered.

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