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Jack Wolf is a labour of love, a consistent aim to surpass standards set in human food production and to engineer the safest raw food available in the UK. We evolved from a small prep-area in our original shop, Jack & Maggie's into the purpose-built factory today. A team of friends share in attention to detail and passion for high standards. 


Our sample packs, composed of British meat, prove very popular to those looking to feed variety to their dogs. There is an option to purchase first-time at a discount, and non-compulsory subscriptions are also available for convenience. Sample packs can be purchased repeatedly. To subscribe, simply select on checkout of your cart. 


Food as it should be.

Raw nutrition for healthy dogs. We do not use any additives, chemicals, or artificial preservatives. Jack Wolf is simply high quality ingredients combined into simple recipes which are defrosted in the fridge and then ready to serve. 


Subscriptions are entirely optional. If you do opt for the feature you have complete control within your account. A discount on your first sample pack is available using the 'secret' code "JACKWOLF25." but don't tell everybody for Pete's sake.

Our story

Jack Wolf originally launched from Jack & Maggie's, our store based in Brighton, East Sussex. And since early 2017 we have been producing in Jack & Maggie's Food Factory near Eastbourne. There is a theme there somewhere...

  Frequent Questions  

I've not fed raw previously. How do I make the switch?

Clean switch is best. It's recommended not to mix dry and raw as they digest at different rates. Finish with the old food one evening and start with your frozen food the next morning. Chicken or Turkey from the 5kg/10kg sample packs is recommended first. Simpler recipes are best for the uninitiated!

Is Jack Wolf suitable for my puppy?

Yes. We do not market separate 'puppy food' as we believe good food is good food. Variety is best especially from a young age to provide a range of nutrients, interest and to help avoid the diet becoming too particular over the adult life. 

When will my order be dispatched?

Orders received before 2 PM Monday - Thursday are dispatched that same day for delivery on the next to 24 hour areas. Orders made after 5pm Thursday are shipped on the following Monday. Barring the usual exceptions of bank holidays and other notified periods. All orders are currently shipped with DPD Local. If you provide a mobile at checkout you should receive delivery notifications. 

Is Jack Wolf available in my local store?

We have just recently started adding stockists to our website. If you would like to see Jack Wolf stocked in your local store, please let them know. If you are interested in stocking our products in your store, please click here