It’s all about Jack and Maggie.

No, we’re not talking about ourselves (Christopher and Luiza, nice to meet you.) We’re talking about our beloved dogs – the hairy inspiration behind our raw dog food brand.

It started back in 2010, when a Lab / Collie crossbreed caught our eye across a local kennel. 

Enter Jack, a very special boy who was initially destined for another family but whose needs better matched our setup (sometimes you don’t find a dog - sometimes a dog finds you.)

Collie crossbreed Maggie joined our pack a year later - making our family complete. But the story was far from over. Jack and Maggie were about to take us on a journey we never could have imagined - opening a shop, creating our own raw dog food from scratch, building a factory and becoming responsible for feeding thousands of canines across the country (gulp, no pressure.) 

Living and working with animals

Before Jack and Maggie arrived, we’d often talked about running a business together, but had never felt inspired to take the plunge. 

After becoming pet parents, we faced daily decisions in a quest to give our dogs the best possible quality of life. It soon became apparent that the UK pet care industry is saturated with confusing and conflicting information – creating a minefield where animal lovers are more influenced by mass marketing than accessing reliable information. 

Here was our opportunity to provide other pet owners with the education, information and advice they needed to get the very best out of their much-loved animal companions. 

So, with no retail experience but a great gut feeling, we opened a small natural pet shop in our hometown of Brighton. 

The business thrived and we loved the social aspect of our work, meeting like-minded people who wanted to do right by their pets. 

Love at first bite 

We discovered raw feeding for dogs while chatting with some of our regular customers (and we’ll be honest, we thought they were slightly bonkers at first.) Such a diet was almost unheard of at the time, but witnessing their enthusiasm, commitment and unwavering belief in the benefits of raw was inspiring.

We decided to give raw feeding a try and were instantly hooked. 

Complete converts.

Totally flabbergasted by the positive changes in our dogs (not least by the change in their poo - from huge and stinky to small, solid and super-easy to pop in the bin.)  

We became overnight converts and, blabbermouths that we are, couldn’t keep this newfound knowledge to ourselves.

Raw feeding is often seen as an ‘out-there’ concept, fun to try but impossible to sustain. We wanted to change that - a raw food diet for dogs makes sense. It’s a no brainer (that just happens to have amazing results.) 

The Jack Wolf brand

The Jack Wolf brand was born in the cramped back room of our tiny pet shop, from a desire to offer quality raw dog food to as wide an audience of dog owners as possible.

Armed only with a dinky electric mincer and a small freezer, we began to produce a small amount of raw food from our own tried and tested recipes (Jack and Maggie selflessly helping us with our research, they’re supportive like that…)

Growing demand soon saw us move to bigger premises where we stared into the depths of our new industrial freezers, we wondered how we’d ever come close to filling them. Now, we have a blast freezer that’s bigger than our original store! 

Our product range has evolved over months and years as we’ve taken our time to source the right ingredients, learn the best preparation processes and develop the highest production standards to produce the finest raw dog food on the market. 

A terrific team

Gradually, we’ve pieced together a dedicated team of staff – made up mostly of friends and neighbours who shared our enthusiasm for raw feeding. 

Unlike many owner/managers, we don’t work on the business, we work in the business. You’ll find us cleaning the bloody (quite literally) mincing machine, not behind our laptops, and we’re unlikely to hire a remote market research firm to tell us what we can find out ourselves at the local dog park. 

The Jack Wolf way

We’re obsessed with producing the best raw dog food on the market and enthusiastic about its benefits, but we’d hate to be raw food evangelists - we prefer to let our products speak for themselves.

Our own dogs thrive on their raw food diet, and this gives us a huge amount of pleasure. As a pack, we’re living our best lives. We’d love you to join us and give raw food a try (and we’ll be here to offer all the advice and support you need if you do.) 

Christopher, Luiza, Jack, Maggie and the Jack Wolf family.