These are rough feeding guidelines. It is easy to overfeed because the food is nutritious, so we recommend feeding to the lower end of the guidance, to begin with, and adjust with observation over a period of weeks.

Adult dogs

Feed 2-3% of ideal body weight per day split over two meals. Calculate just by taking 1% of your dog's weight; 10g for each 1kg and multiply. If for example, your dog weighs 10kg, 1% is 100g. Two meals of 100g per day for 2%. Simple.

2% cases; 15kg dog - 150g twice a day, 30kg dog - 300g twice a day. 

Puppies (from 8 weeks - 12 months)

Feed 5-6% of current weight per day, at least. Similar to above but feed 2% three times daily. For example, if your puppy weighs 5kg, 1% is 50g. Three meals of 100g per day for 6%.

6% cases; 10kg - 200g three times a day, 15kg - 300g three times a day.

Note: Each dog is different, and there will be variations depending on exercise levels and other factors. For more detailed feeding guidance, please use our contact page. 

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