British Meat, not British Sourced.
Jack Wolf is composed entirely of British grown human grade meats. Not "locally sourced", a flexible term which can so often describe imported meat purchased from a local supplier. 

The meats used are a mixture of wild, high welfare, organic and free range. We do not specify which in some recipes as to be transparent; not claiming one type where they are in combination.

Fruit & Vegetables
They are all supplied to us washed, laser sorted and prepared as they are for human food. These ingredients can often cost more than many types of meat by kg at wholesale!

Customers reviews on the product pages will testify to the positive results of the Jack Wolf ranges. Divided into two halves; (1) the original working dog range, a varied diet containing veg and (2) Primal Instinct which takes a purer 80-10-10 construction as its influence and is free of veg.