It takes various names from "raw" to "barf." We're demystifying it. In reality it's pretty straight-forward; feeding what a dog is designed to eat makes sense. Feeding real food. No unspecified ingredients and no corners cut. 

The raw ingredients, many of which we all eat ourselves, are carefully combined to bring you a safe and conveniently packaged food for your dog. It's not compressed or cooked a multitude of times to conceal and destroy. 

Uncorrupted; the food format is not only packed with nutrients but is easily digested. If you haven't fed raw food before you are very likely to notice a change; in the stools, the eyes, the coat. And dogs with little appetite for food often improve dramatically!

It's always exciting to hear of every success customers old and new have with feeding our range. Every single one. We are all collectively helping to move the tide. Making food as it should be! Real food for healthier, happier dogs. 

If you haven't fed raw before and have any questions click on the blue chat icon, use our contact page or message us via facebook! :)