We do not promote a 'puppy' food per se. Variety is best for your young puppy as it provides interest, a range of nutrients and exposes them to different culinary experiences so to speak; introducing these early on so they become accustomed to this for their life.

Provided that your puppy has weaned onto solid food we recommend a sample pack. The original range is fed very successfully by thousands of dogs and consists of chicken, turkey, duck and the beef and original recipes. Feeding guidelines are available.

Do not panic or fret too much over guidelines. Observation and common sense prevail. Keeping a close eye on weight gain; feeding plenty! The percentage you are required to provide compared to body weight is significant for puppies.

Any advice we can give or questions you may have; you can pop us an email using the contact page, and we will do our very best to answer. 

You would be doing a great job by feeding real identifiable food of a high standard. Having a puppy for the first time particularly and hearing so many conflicting and passionate views about what dogs should eat, can make it rather challenging.

The Jack Wolf team wish you the very best of health for both your puppy, yourself and wider family whatever you decide. Few things are more enjoyable than sharing your life with these beautiful creatures!